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Welcome to the website of 'Europe in a suitcase'

‘Europe in a suitcase’ takes young European experts in tri-national teams on several dialogue trips to Eastern Partnership countries.
Europe and the European Union are significant topics in socio-political discourse in the countries of the EU Eastern Partnership. However, it often happens that ideas about just what characterises the EU are not very clear. With the aim not to talk about one another any more, but rather to talk with one another about Europe, the European Academy Berlin originated a project entitled ‘Europe in a suitcase’.
In the course of discussion and talkshow meetings with their contemporaries, Junior teams unpack a European ‘suitcase’ and enable insights into the founding ideas of European integration as well as EU policies towards eastern partner countries. At the same time, thanks to these dialogues being held in the country, they are able to re-pack their suitcase with new knowledge and insights concerning the Eastern Partnership countries.
Senior teams – well-versed Europe experts from the fields of education, politics and academia – will also travel to Eastern Partnership countries and act to pave the way for the Junior teams.
The Academy has as project partners Robert Bosch Foundation, Polish Robert Schuman Foundation Warsaw, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Hanns Seidel Foundation and in addition further local organisations.